Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Double Rainbow

We had a terrible hail storm the other night. You could see it coming, but when it hit, it hit hard and fast! There was a lot of destruction, with holes and dents left all over.  Many will be seeking professional help to repair the holes and dents, some they may not even know are there. Then it rained. It, too, was hard at first. Pouring down in sheets, then slowly, slowly lightening up, becoming a drizzle and then fading away. The sun broke out from behind the clouds, like a miracle, and there, right in front of our house was the most amazing double rainbow. Although there were leaves strewn from one end of town to the other, drifts of hail in driveways and gutters and a few small lakes where the water didn't drain well, everything smelled so fresh and looked so clean.

Mr. has brought in storms, ones we could see coming, but were still surprised at how hard and fast they hit and how destructive they were. We have had to repair many, many holes and dents, both physically in our home, but also mentally and emotionally in our psyches. We've had to seek the help of others to repair some of the damage to the smaller members of the family, where the damage wasn't as easy to see and get at.

The pouring rain felt like it would never end, drenching all of us and making it hard to slog through the mud. And when it started to lighten up, it took awhile to notice, because it happened so slowly.  But, the sun has started to peak and feels miraculous. So, here we are sweeping up the leaves, shoveling away the drifts and clearing the drains. But everything is looking and smelling so fresh and clean, and of course, there's a huge, beautiful double rainbow.

Thank you for all the prayers and words of encouragement you have blessed us with through this destructive storm season. I wanted to let you all know, the sun is shining at last.  And there just might be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.